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Do you have OnePlus Nord and are looking to accessorize it with a pretty cover? Then we suggest you OnePlus Nord Covers by Maze. We will tell you all you need to know about the OnePlus Nord Casesand you will be able to make an informed decision.

OnePlus Nord is a great phone, and you must need a classy OnePlus Nord Back Case to make it look even better. Thus, we have introduced the Premium Silicone OnePlus Nord Mobile Cover range to protect your OnePlus at all costs.

We understand that you must have your own concerns about buying a OnePlus Nord Mobile Cover, and rightly so. That is why we present to you OnePlus Nord Cases and their features.

  • Cut-outs - The OnePlus Nord Covers cover the phone entirely with spaces left for the buttons.
  • There are independent buttons in OnePlus Nord Cases that are in contrast with the color of the case.
  • OnePlus Nord Mobile Cover by Maze is lightweight and comfortable to hold. It is smooth, yet you can maintain a firm grip with it.
  • The Premium Silicone OnePlus Nord Covers protect your phone from phone drops and scratches.
  • They have shockproof corners that will save your phone from huge drops and avoid scratches that might occur on the screen.
  • The OnePlus Nord Cases have a microfiber lining that prevents the glass back of the phone from minor scratches.
  • Raised edges of the OnePlus Nord Back Case will protect the camera and screen if the phone falls.
  • The bottom cut is provided by Maze so that one can comfortably use the swipe-up gesture.
  • There are a variety of colors to choose from.

The Silicone OnePlus Nord Covers by Maze will be the perfect accessory for your OnePlus Nord. There is a matte option available as well. Few features of Matte cases are:-

They are shockproof and are made up of soft TPU material. The cases have a hard acrylic back that prevents the phone from shock, drop, and scratches. 

OnePlus Nord Covers have a good grip. They have raised borders to protect the screen and camera and independent buttons for easy navigation. 

The various colors of OnePlus Nord Cases are:-

Premium OnePlus Nord Covers are available in:-

Black, Red, Blue, White, Olive Green, Grey and Mint Green

Matte Colors - Olive Green, White, and Red

OnePlus Nord has a terrific camera, and you would definitely want an addition to your case family with the Premium Silicone OnePlus Nord Cases by Maze because they are affordable and bring a lot of value with them. 

Such classy high premium silicone cases are rare to find in the market, and OnePlus Nord Cases by Maze will ensure that your phone is dust-free at all times. Also, if you spill a lot of water, the OnePlus Nord Mobile Cover won't be affected at all. It is easy to remove anything that spills on it, making it a great choice. To check out for yourself, visit our online store,, and give a classy look to your OnePlus Nord, and you won't regret it!


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