OnePlus has created a competitive yet opportunistic buzz around the market by launching a wide variety of Smartphones such as the OnePlus Nord. With this buzz about OnePlus Smartphones, a great deal of opportunity opens in the marketplace about the accessories that look, feel and fit best on your OnePlus Nord Smartphone. And thus with the rising Demand of exclusive, attractive and durable accessories for OnePlus Nord , a brand with a similar performance and variety loving mindset is Maze.

OnePlus Nord Cases


Maze brings you a perfect Skin for your Priced smartphone in the form of the all new exclusive OnePlus Nord Mobile Covers and OnePlus Nord Back Cases. Their sole purpose is to protect your OnePlus Nord in any conditions & situations whether it’s about your phone falling or rain falling down from the clouds with no tree to go under.

There is certainly the whole market filled with a large number of brands selling Covers and Cases for OnePlus Nord Smartphones. But here at Maze, every customer gets far greater value for the money they spend. 

Here’s why you should buy OnePlus Nord mobile cover from Maze online rather than reaching out to other unworthy, low quality brands:

  1. The OnePlus Nord Covers are built from a soft TPU frame and a rigid hard acrylic back that provides good shock, drop protection and scratch resistance.
  2. The Soft Silicon Material of the OnePlus Nord mobile cover gives a cushiony, skin-friendly feel with a grip that would make you not let go of your beautiful OnePlus Nord Smartphone.
  3. The Premium Silicon Based OnePlus Nord Cases by Maze have been custom designed with quite some brainstorming done on the design, texture, looks and accessibility.
  4. The OnePlus Nord Back Case comes with an Open Bottom which makes the Swipe Up gesture of your Smart Phone much more comfortable and easier to use.
  5. This long-lasting Silicone OnePlus Nord Mobile Cover is equipped with independent buttons and stylish design which provides a soothing & sensitive feel when pressed, with a definite tactile feedback.
  6. The OnePlus Nord Covers come with a Raised Edge for both screen and camera protection of your priced phone. The Around Protection provides complete shielding to your OnePlus Nord phone by covering all the 4 corners with Premium Soft Silicone Material
  7. The Excellent OnePlus Nord Back Case by Maze comes in with Premium Microfiber cloth inside the case which prevents the back glass back of your OnePlus Nord from getting micro scratches which certainly helps a lot in getting a fair value of your OnePlus Phone in Resale or Exchange offers. 
  8. The OnePlus Nord Back Case are made out of high quality Silicone which greatly ensures durability and thus are very easy to clean & wash. The OnePlus Nord Cases by Maze are sure to last longer than any other Ordinary Cover and thus are a perfect fit for your OnePlus Nord Smartphone.

As mentioned earlier, a specs-freak who loves OnePlus Phones has no other choice but to come to Maze and buy these multipurpose, super handy, convenient and pretty looking covers at a great price range.

If you have any other confusions or doubts regarding the consideration to buy covers from Maze, you coils certainly visit our website at and look at these beautiful, Imperfect and eye-catching covers and order a whole bunch of them. That’s because they also come in a really broad color range to choose from. And choosing has always been tougher than buying the whole lot. That is for sure. As sure as the reliability of the Premium Silicon Covers by Maze.