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Apple has become one of the most renowned brands in the world over the eyes. The brand has ensured a signature of class, quality and looks over the years and has turned out to be a grand market leader. With the ever-increasing demand for iPhones, Apple has come up with the new iPhone 11. The sales of these extremely handy and futuristic phones have also created a great demand for iPhone 11 Cover

If you have an iPhone 11, you would definitely want to keep it safe and protected from any kind of mishap. The marketplace is flooded with a wide range of covers but if you have a top-class Smartphone like iPhone 11, you must have best in class accessories like the iPhone 11 back cover by Maze, which assures safety along with increasing the look and feel of your iPhone 11 with the diverse variety of dazzling colors of iPhone 11 Cover.

iPhone 11 Cases by Maze

With the ever-increasing prices of smartphones such as the iPhone 11, the need to have premium accessories to shield and glorify their look has become immensely important. The iPhone 11 Case by Maze has been defined specifically to fulfil all the demands of our customers with a signature of class & superb colors rather than banking on the funk factor which doesn't really look to be right for a premier Phone such as the iPhone 11. The promise of Style and color with immense quality and features is what Maze provides in these iPhone 11 Back Cover.

iPhone 11 Premium Silicone Covers - Black & White:

The Black and White colors have an innate, never-ending demand. The admirers of iPhone 11 Cover in Black & White Colors is quite a long list. iPhone 11 Black Cover provides a sense of Class and White provides a sense of Uniqueness which will make your iPhone 11 surely stand out from your peers and reflect your love of Simplicity and Elegance.

Black and White Colors for iPhone 11 Case are the highest demanded colors. The Silicone material of these Covers by Maze provides an excellent feel and texture with these evergreen colors of Black & White. 

iPhone 11 Premium Silicone Covers- Red, Peach, Candy Pink & Orange:

The iPhone 11 Case by Maze provides an enticing look to your iPhone with really gleaming and appealing colors like the Red. The redness of roses always soothes our soles and so does the Red color, along with the satisfying texture and feel of these brilliant iPhone 11 Cover.

For all the ladies out there who own an iPhone 11, Maze offers you an exciting range of Colors like eye-catching Candy Pink, Peach, Orange and the brightness of Red color which would appeal to your rich taste among the crowd of predictable personalities.

iPhone 11 Premium Silicone Back Covers- Dodger Blue, Lavender & Violet:

The iPhone 11 Back Cover comes in Vibrant shades of Blue which will give an enticing look to your iPhone 11. If you’re looking for a color that would never get dull or fade the beaming colors like Lavender, Dodger Blue and Violet are the ones to look for. 

Guys who can never get over the blues must get down to Maze and order these lavish and alluring covers on a friendly budget with features way above the value you spend.

iPhone 11 Premium Silicone Cases- Yellow, Olive Green:

Well, if you’re not the one who’d prefer conventional colors, we’ve got something even more unorthodox yet fascinating for you. Here at Maze, we’ve got something for people with all varied tastes.

The one’s looking for something different must hold their nerves when they have a look at flattering colors like Olive Green and the lovely yellow. 


These iPhone 11 Cases are not all about looks. Their features are just unbelievable and something so distinctive you would hardly find anywhere else online or offline. Some of the top-notch features of these Premium Silicone iPhone 11 Cases are mentioned below:

  • Made of Premium Soft Silicone Material, Smooth Silicone Layer feels very soft in hands and provides good grip.
  • Shockproof corners for ultimate drop protection.
  • Bottom cut for easy swipe up gestures.
  • Raised Edge for both screen and camera protection.
  • Premium Microfiber cloth inside the case protects the glass back of the phone from getting micro scratches.

To get your hands on these brilliant iPhone 11 Covers, visit the website before we run out of these exciting, super attractive Covers for iPhone 11 with varied colors and features.


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