Classy iPhone 12 silicone cases, iPhone 12 camera slide case & iPhone 12 screen guard at Maze!

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Are you looking for covers, screen guards, or tempered glass for your iPhone 12? 

You've come to the right place. We will tell you all you need to know about your iPhone 12 accessories. So let's take a look at what we've got in store for you.

iPhone 12 silicone cases 

If you have an iPhone 12 and you are looking to purchase an iPhone 12 case, 

we will make it easy for you with the classy iPhone 12 silicone cases by Maze,

available in all colors. These colors are attractive and specially meant for people who like to keep things simple yet elegant. The iPhone 12 covers display the Apple logo in the center and make your iPhone 12 stand out.

Maze iPhone 12 silicone cases come in different shades such as seafoam, mint green, white, red, yellow, black, orange, red, sage green, lavender, plum, and olive green.

If you constantly change your iPhone 12 covers, you need to add this one to your collection of iPhone 12 back covers as it is unique and stands out with its premium quality and features.

The multiple features of iPhone 12 silicone cases are:-

  • The iPhone 12 silicone cases are smooth yet have a firm grip. They are of premium quality, and Maze takes guarantees for the same.
  • These iPhone 12 back covers will protect your iPhone 12 from all four corners if it ever falls. It is a big concern for iPhone users since an expensive phone needs much-needed protection.
  • iPhone 12 silicone cases are rare to find in the Indian market at a decent price range with premium quality.
  • Maze iPhone 12 cases come with a lot of choices in colors to suit your personality needs.
  • You can flaunt your iPhone 12 with Maze premium iPhone 12 silicone cases as they look classy and show off your Apple logo in a subtle way, all at the same time.
  • Maze iPhone 12 back covers fit your iPhone 12 well. Therefore, you need not worry about the dust and dirt that might enter and make your iPhone dirty.
  • These iPhone 12 silicone cases are sweat-resistant and waterproof, just in case you are extra cautious.
  • Maze has taken care of your iPhone 12 in all its entirety by providing you with soft and sturdy, premium iPhone 12 silicone cases so that you do not worry about your iPhone protection all the time.

iPhone 12 camera slide case

Maze cares for your camera and provides you with the premium iPhone 12 camera slide case, which will make sure that your iPhone 12 is far away from smudges, protected from dust and other spills, which might accidentally take place.

If you have a Slide Camera Cover for iPhone 12, you are covered. That is a pretty cool feature to have in the iPhone 12 covers nowadays since we don't get a lot of it in the market with multiple color options.

We are all aware that iPhone cameras are supreme, and we need something to protect them. With Maze's premium iPhone 12 camera slide case, your iPhone 12 camera is in good hands, and it will protect your phone from any damage. It is the ultimate feature with an anti-breakage quality.  

iPhone 12 tempered glass

Along with iPhone 12 cases, Maze also provides iPhone 12 tempered glass with a camera shutter. 

The undeniably cool features of the iPhone 12 tempered glass are:-

Protection of privacy 

It has an anti-spy layer that maintains your privacy, and if there is somebody who will try to read your messages from the side, the iPhone 12 tempered glass will block their view.

Camera Slider 

You can cover the front camera with the camera slider to protect your privacy, and if you have a Face ID lock set up on your iPhone 12, this feature would be an absolute deal-breaker.

Scratch-resistant 9H Glass 

The iPhone 12 tempered glass will protect your iPhone 12 from scratches and drops due to its premium quality and make. Maze's iPhone 12 tempered glass has smooth edges, which gives your iPhone 12 a premium look and feel.


The smart iPhone 12 tempered glass has an oleophobic coating. It will help keep your iPhone 12 smudge-free and avoid fingerprint marks frequently. It would be easy to clean if there are a few oily marks on your phone. Overall, iPhone 12 tempered glass will give you a smooth touch experience along with clarity.

Thickness and application 

It is 0.3mm thick and is easy to apply. It won't cause any air bubbles to come in your way of the application.

iPhone 12 screen guard

Maze Mobile Accessories takes care of all your iPhone 12 needs and has an iPhone 12 screen guard to protect your screen.

The Unbreakable Screen Protector for iPhone 12 has a Matte finish with five-layer protection coating, and it is anti-breakage. It is easy to apply with all the instructions given in Maze's manual. The iPhone 12 screen guard has full-screen coverage.

You can visit to give your iPhone 12 the classy and elegant look it deserves. We assure you that it will make you stand out in the crowd.


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