Maze presents iPhone 12 Silicone Cases, iPhone 12 Pro Cases & iPhone 12 Pro Max Covers!

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You have certainly come here because you want to accessorize either your iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max, and you are at the right place. Maze brings you a collection of iPhone 12 pro cases, iPhone 12 pro max cases, and iPhone 12 silicone cases. Let's get to it now.

iPhone 12 Pro Cases

If you are confused as to which cover to choose for your iPhone 12 Pro, you really must try Maze Premium Silicone Cases with a decent price range and colors that you will love.

Maze's iPhone 12 Pro Covers are simple yet attractive. If you walk into any room, people are going to notice your iPhone 12 Pro because Maze's premium iPhone 12 Pro covers are pleasing to the eyes, no matter what color you pick from our range.

When you lay your eyes on our premium iPhone 12 Pro cases, you are likely to fall in love with the colors, and you would want to pick more than just one.

The colors are refreshing, and Maze's premium iPhone 12 Pro covers come in Tulip Mint (Green), Seafoam Green, Martini, Classic White, Happy Yellow, Orange, Red, Sage Green, Cool Lavender, which are all made of high-quality silicone. 

If you are looking for options in matte, we have Teal and Olive Green for you. They have semi-transparent back and dust-proof contrast buttons, which are pretty cool features to have for iPhone 12 Pro cases.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

Let's talk about iPhone 12 Pro Max Covers ! People, you are in for a breathtaking treat if you are using iPhone Pro Max and are looking for just the right cover.

We, at Maze, have got premium iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases that are the right amount of classy with shades that are so sure to get noticed. If you don't want to flaunt your iPhone 12 Pro Max, you can underplay it too. We have got all kinds of shades in iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases. 

Without further ado, we'd like to introduce shades of Maze's premium iPhone 12 Pro Max Covers differently because we're as excited as you.

  • Deep Blue, let them fall for you
  • Mint Green, you're very keen
  • Martini, let's go to Kabini!
  • Seafoam, you're free to roam
  • Sage Green, I want to be seen
  • White, I'm so light
  • Yellow, do you play the Cello?
  • Orange, do I remind you of candy?
  • Red, let's grab that garlic bread!
  • Lavender, don't meander
  • Black, let's buy it ASAP!
  • Teal, I want a McDonald's meal
  • Olive Green, it's just a dream

Just like this, you can do your iPhone 12 Pro Max a favour and give it a royal makeover with Maze's Premium Silicone iPhone 12 Pro Max Covers.

Do remember that Black, Teal, and Olive Green are your matte buddies, and the rest of them are silicone.

If you don't already know the reasons to choose silicone iPhone 12 Pro Max Covers, we'll help you out by letting you know that high-quality silicone never disappoints. Your iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases will not only look stunning but will support your iPhone when it falls. It will protect your iPhone 12 Pro Max from dust and dirt. On top of that, you get to flaunt the Apple logo subtly as Maze stepped a little ahead and took care of your needs.

iPhone 12 silicone cases 

Coming to the iconic iPhone 12, Maze has iPhone 12 silicone cases lined up as a protector to all your day-to-day iPhone-related botherations. Be it the bumpy car rides that result in an iPhone fall, cooking experiments in the kitchen with the flour getting stuck to your cover, or just a kitten casually scratching your phone, you must know that we have got your iPhone's back.

We present to you iPhone 12 silicone cases with lots of color options to choose from so that you know you've got it covered in style.

Let's get the color party started -

  • Tulip Mint
  • Seafoam
  • Martini
  • White
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Sage Green
  • Lavender

If you are looking for matte iPhone 12 cases, your go-tos are Teal and Olive Green.

Before quickly wrapping up the iPhone 12 Silicone Cases, iPhone 12 Pro Cases & iPhone 12 Pro Max Covers fiesta, we need to tell you about this very cool feature we've implemented in iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro apart from iPhone 12 Pro Max and the silicone and matte range. 

We are talking about:-

The slider cases come in 6 colors - Blue, Black, Mint Green, Peach, Red, and Dark Green. 

The specialty of Maze iPhone Camera Slider Cases is that they will protect your iPhone camera from scratches, smudges, and any other damage. You all know that the iPhone camera is the USP of an iPhone. Don't you think you need one for your iPhone?

You can visit for the same, not to mention the beautiful iPhone 12 pro cases, iPhone 12 pro max cases, iPhone 12 silicone cases by Maze to give your iPhones the makeover they deserve!


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