Get OnePlus 8 Silicone Cases, OnePlus 8T Back Covers & OnePlus 8 Pro Covers from Maze!

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If you are looking for a OnePlus 8, OnePlus Pro, and OnePlus 8T Covers and want classy yet protective covers, Maze is the right place for you. We have a range of simple, classic, and stylish covers for your OnePlus 8, 8T or 8 Pro.

Before we get started, the following are the OnePlus Covers we will be covering:-

All of these back covers will be either available in the form of silicone or matte. You must be wondering what is so special about them, and we will exactly tell you what.

Maze Premium Silicone Cases are called "premium" for a reason

The Silicone Cases are made up of a premium rubber-like material that is easy to hold and does not allow any dust or dirt to enter.

Fully Covered - Their cut-outs are made in such a manner that they cover the phone entirely, leaving space for other buttons. 

Classy and lightweight - They are lightweight and give a royal feel to your smartphone. 

Overall Protection - The covers offer protection to your OnePlus in case of accidental drops, and it also prevents the OnePlus from unnecessary scratches. 

Shockproof Corners - The edges of the cover are shockproof and save the phone from big drops.

Microfiber lining - There is a microfiber cloth inside the cover that prevents the glass back of the phone from minor scratches.

Raised Edges - The covers have raised edges to protect the screen and camera if the phone falls.

Bottom Cut - The cover has a bottom cut so that one can comfortably use the swipe-up gestures.

Variety of colors - The covers are available in delightful colors, which are pleasing to the eyes.

The OnePlus Silicone Cases by Maze are surely going to win your hearts. Also, we have matte cases if you specifically want the matte look and feel.

The Matte cases are:-

Shock-resistant - They are made from a soft TPU material and a hard acrylic back which protects the phone from shock, drop, or scratches. 

Good grip - The matte covers have a good grip, and they are very comfortable to hold.

Raised Borders - The covers have raised borders to protect the screen and the edges.

Independent Buttons - The covers have independent buttons for easy navigation. 

We hope we have assured you how safe your OnePlus smartphones are. So let us dive into the shades these premium silicone and matte covers come in!

OnePlus 8 Silicone Cases color range

OnePlus 8 Silicone Cases

Premium OnePlus 8 Silicone Cases are available in:- Black, Red, Blue, White, Olive Green, Grey, and Mint Green

Matte Cases ColorsBlack, Blue, Olive Green, White, and Red

OnePlus 8T Back Covers color range:-


OnePlus 8T Back Covers

OnePlus 8T Premium Silicone Cases: White, Black, Red, Mint Green, Grey

OnePlus 8T Matte Covers: Teal, Red, Blue, Olive Green

OnePlus 8 Pro Back Cover color range:-

OnePlus 8 Pro Covers

OnePlus 8 Pro Premium Silicone Cases: Black, Blue, Red, White, Mint Green, Grey

OnePlus 8 Pro Matte Covers: Blue, Black, Teal, Olive Green, Red, White

Whenever you are looking for OnePlus 8 Silicone Cases, OnePlus 8T Covers, or OnePlus 8 Pro Cases Indiawe are sure that Maze Premium Silicone Range will always come to your mind.

For the very same reasons, you can check out OnePlus 8 CasesOnePlus 8 Pro Cases India, and OnePlus 8T Covers from the comfort of your home by visiting our online store and give a fresh look to your OnePlus. It will surely make your smartphone experience better and smoother. Trust us! We have got you covered!


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