Pop it up with iPhone 11 Silicone Cases, Slide Camera Cover for iPhone 11 by Maze!

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Are you wondering if it's too late to go hunting for trendy, aesthetic iPhone 11 covers?

Maze has got you iPhone 11 silicone cases which are so comfortable to hold and have a smooth, finished look that it will make your heart go BOOM! 

It also has really cool Slide Camera Cover for iPhone 11 that is truly amazing, and you know you will need it when you see it. The slider will slide over your camera, and it will not only protect your iPhone 11 from scratches but would also protect it from water or oil spills, dust, and dirt. 

Ultimately, it will guard your iPhone 11's most important feature - the iPhone camera, because it takes phenomenal photos with superb clarity and attention to details without losing the original colors.

Introducing iPhone 11 Silicone Cases

Made from premium quality silicone, Maze still got you covered even when you thought you would not get that many options for your iPhone 11. 

iPhone 11 silicone cases

Maze Premium iPhone 11 Silicone cases are:-

  • Smooth AF
  • Non-slippery
  • Steady & sturdy
  • Shockproof
  • Affordable & durable
  • Scratch-resistant
  • It fits like a charm
  • Water-resistant
  • Low-maintenance
  • Classy, aesthetic look
  • Available in pretty colors - violet, candy pink, lavender, yellow & white.

Maze iPhone 11 back cover will support your iPhone 11 like no other, and you can thank us later!

Let's talk about this new feature specially designed for your iPhone 11 and its camera safety. You guys are in for a treat!

Introducing Slide Camera Cover for iPhone 11

Slide Camera Cover for iPhone 11

Maze iPhone 11 camera slide case is made up of premium soft rubber material. It has a camera slider to protect your iPhone 11 when you slide it over your camera.

The Slide Camera Cover for iPhone 11 makes it for a great style statement. It offers the best kind of protection with the camera slider. It is not only shockproof but durable. 

When you know that the Maze's iPhone 11 camera slide case has given you nothing to worry about, you can keep your phone anywhere, and yes, we're talking about your pets. You won't have to bother if they scratch over your iPhone 11. Maze Slide Camera Cover for iPhone 11 will protect it.

Even if you don't have pets, you do get our point. Don't you?

The varied features of the iPhone 11 camera slide case are:-

  • Durable - iPhone 11 camera slide case will last longer, and you won't have to replace it again and again.
  • Affordable - If compared to the other iPhone 11 covers, Maze's iPhone 11 camera slide case makes it to the cut.
  • Soft and firm grip - The iPhone 11 camera slide case is handy to use. It has a soft, yet firm grip.
  • Scratch-resistant - Maze Slide Camera Cover for iPhone 11  is scratch-resistant and prevents all kinds of scratches from ruining the screen.
  • Shockproof corners in case it drops - iPhone 11 camera slide case
  • Made from soft, premium rubber material - Maze Slide Camera Cover for iPhone 11 is made from premium quality rubber. It is easy to use.
  • Catchy yet subtle colors - The color range for iPhone 11 back cover is an absolute eye-catcher!
  • The ultimate Camera Slider - Hands down, this is the feature many iPhone users have been looking for where they can protect their expensive cameras because let's admit that the iPhone cameras are the best!

You might be curious about the colors of the Maze iPhone 11 camera slide case. So here they are:-

  • Sky Blue - It looks exactly like the sky, just being pretty!
  • Sultry Red - Classic red shade catching a lot of eyes!
  • Black as the night - It hides well in the dark.
  • Refreshing Mint green - Cool, refreshing vibes!
  • Subtle Peach - Soothing pastel shade!
  • Dark green - Your forest tour companion!

So now you have another option for iPhone 11 back cover. It definitely should make an appearance in your iPhone 11 cases collection because it is worth it.

We've covered your need for iPhone 11 covers.  You can check out the trendy iPhone 11 silicone cases and iPhone 11 camera slide case at mazeacc.com and maybe, add both of them to your iPhone 11 cover collection because you deserve it! Your iPhone 11 needs a makeover and Maze's iPhone 11 cases will not only protect you precious from major drops but will help you do away with irritating scratches, which are a major concern.

So, choose safe, choose Maze!


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